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Get your 4 legged partner back into competition naturally.

** I have removed the web Store page due to some issues with shipping prices.   If you would like to order something please shoot me a text or call 972-965-6294 and I can give you the prices for  product and shipping.  You can still pay with paypal or CC but I don't want it to overcharge you for shipping.  6/29/17  ** SHIPPING ON 1 OR 2 BAGS IS 7.20  3 OR MORE 20.00

******DUE TO THE CONTINUED RISE IN HERB PRODUCTION SOME OF THE PRICES HAVE CHANGED ON THE ENC HERB BLENDS.  We still offer the high quality of herbs in our blends but with quality there is a price.  This is the 1st price increase on some of our blends in 3 yrs.  Thank you for understanding and continuing to use our products.******4/29/17

Thanks for visiting!  **If you are having an event and would like for me to setup please let me know, I may have missed it.  I have some open dates, and if I can work it in I would love to come**

A little about me. I have been in Equine Laser therapy business since 1996. In Jan 2015, I retired from a 16 yr career of a 911 dispatcher. At that time I added several other aspects to my business. I added an EquiVibe vertical vibration plate, A Pulse Electromagnetic Therapy (PEMT) Blanket, IceVibe boots and recently introduced Thermal Imaging, I also became an Independent Distributor for several items such as EquiSports massagers, Young Living Essential Oils, Thrive Patches, Aculife Equine Patches . In April of 2016 I went thru training to become a distributor for Equine Natural Care Herbs. I was taught Equine Energetic Evaluations® to find the weakness in your horse and use an Equine Natural Care® herbal blend to support the weakness and get to the root of your horses issues. May 2016  I added No GMO feed called Roasted to Perfection, as well as ZYTO Compass scanning to take the guess work out of nutritional supplements for the rider.  
During the time of my 911 career, I continued to further my knowledge of anything that would help me understand issues with our 4 legged friends. I am always looking from any type of knowledge to help me.  Get in touch with me to see what is the best method of getting your horses on the right track.  Thank You to all past and future customers. 

Member of the AAEVT. 

I recently added another name for the clients that have cattle, pigs, goats and even dogs, since some of them have a hard time thinking Equine Therapys can help other things.  The other name is LW LIVESTOCK Therapy.  So if you see LW in front of the calendar then it is not just a horse event.  I have worked on show cattle, show pigs, dogs and show goats, so its not just for horses.   

Added more items::  Now I am a distributor for EQIFLEX SLEEVES, EQUINE OMEGA GOLD Oil, HORSEWARE PRODUCTS ex: Icevibe and SportsVibe.  Also I am a rep for the EQUIVIBE PLATES.  

Keep checking back never know what I am gonna add...  newest item is HEMPWORX CBD OIL

To Get the correct Blend for your particular horse always do a hair sample .      Equine Energetic Evaluations® is designed, tested and proven to find the weakness in your horse.  Then using Equine Natural Care® herbal blends to support the weakness and get to the root of your horses issues.   Click on the E N C page for information on how to do this.  

Zyto Compass Assessments come May 2016.  Click the tab marked More and then Natures Sunshine tab.  

Now a distributor of EQUIVIBE plates.  

I am now certified to ROCKTAPE and also a DISTRIBUTOR of ROCKTAPE products.  If you would like to place an order please let me know.

Also I will be handling HorseWare Products.. including ICE VIBE BOOTS , please contact me if you would like to order them also.   The vibration action creates a massage effect helping to stimulate blood circulation. Using the cold packs with the boots helps to cool down the horse’s leg. Used together you can cool down your horse’s legs whilst maintaining circulation. 


A proprietary blend of multi-tensioned fibers infused with antimicrobial technology, the Equiflexsleeve acts as a compression sleeve/therapeutic joint support for horses. The sleeve fits loosely over the pastern and offers 20-30 mmHg of compression at the fetlock joint when applied to a mildly or moderately swollen leg.

Equiflexsleeve takes the place of traditional standing wraps and can be worn for longer periods of time than traditional wraps. Unlike traditional wraps, the sleeve allows heat to dissipate, does not immobilize the joints and remains in position as swelling decreases.